For architects, designers and companies interested in how to rank higher on Houzz, we have created for you this article that mentions the 4 essential factors of ranking in descending order

1. Number of projects & Photos

The main factor contributing to the top ranking in Houzz search is the number of projects as well as the total number of photos.

This is very logical since the images are the main form of content circulating on the Houzz platform.

By publishing quality photos and that are varied means more reach, more views, more backups and therefore more engament, which makes your profile more exposed and stronger.

Our advice is to try to publish images with greater variety, as often as you can to attract a wider variety of audiences who are looking for different topics.

2. Houzz Awards and Badges

The number of awards and badges awarded to a profile has a big impact on the ranking.

This is usually related to your activity, since if you have more publications, you will have more commitment, you will receive more badges. And when you have more badges, you will have more chances to reach the first places in Houzz.

In addition, these rewards have an impact on the conversion rate of your Houzz profile, since you will gain credibility and therefore public relations and certainly more customers.


You have certainly noticed that the profiles that are the highest are those who have more followers.
Companies that download more projects and more photos tend to have more engagement and more followers.

However, even if downloading low quality images might not have a direct impact on the ranking, it should be noted that these low quality images will have less engagement and fewer followers, which will have a negative impact on your Houzz ranking sooner or later.

4. Reviews

The last factor we will see in this article is the reviews.
This is the one that has the least impact on your ranking in Houzz.

That said, if your goal is to rank in the front pages, do not focus all your efforts on reviews that does not guarantee a high search performance.

This is a good opportunity offered by Houzz for new companies that do not yet have comments or potential customers (Some companies are included in the first pages of the ranking with only 3 evaluations)

Do you want our help on how to rank higher on Houzz, or simply want digital marketing advice for architects?

Then contact us, The Creativa Team  will be happy to help you!

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