Are you an architect, decorator or interior designer, but you do not know exactly how you calculate the price of your services and how to combine your skills and expertise and put them on the market?

Here are some tips!

A large number of professionals, when they want to charge for their service, especially when they start, look at what other architects charge, and decide to charge somewhere in the middle.
And this is not a very good idea, because in this case, you are competing on the basis of price, instead of competition on value-added.

What dictates your price is supply and demand.
The first thing you need to consider is: are you unique enough in the market?

Are you qualified to solve this particular problem for your prospect?

when you set the price for your work, you need to think about what you offer and how you compare the value of what you offer to the service you provide.

Architects should not charge on time, but by their expertise.

If you plan to work per hour, you will never be able to charge much.
The best way to sell is based on the result.

Before pricing your services, ask yourself these questions:
How much will it cost the customer if he does not realize his project with me?
How many thousands or millions of dollars of losses (because of his mistakes), can I avoid him (thanks to my expertise)?
What could my customers do with my time? and how it could help them make thousands of dollars.

In other words, what will my time bring to the client?

If you find the answer, there you can set your price.
Generally, your price should be 10% of what you can earn your customer.
If you estimate that your work will earn your client $ 100,000, then bill your service at $ 10,000.

What you sell is not your time, but rather the value of your time.

How can you increase the value of your service?


To increase the value of your offer (show your references, your testimonials, your credibility, your unique expertise, your team).

You can provide the same service, but now the value is much greater on the market, and that’s how architects have to price their services.

What you sell is not your time, but rather the value of your time.

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